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109th Bicycle Caucus -- Call your representatives if they are not on the list

Charity Ride to the Pyrenees -- The trip was an adventure that in the end raised over £12,000 for a Charity

Winter Cycling Tips -- Winter has finally reared its ugly head here. However, just because it is winter does not mean that you have to give up cycling.

The Road War -- Shimano vs. Campagnolo -- Campagnolo was the manufacturer that invented derailleurs, and Shimano is the company that nowadays dominates the bicycle market with iron hand. Who is really the best?

How to Buy a Bicycle -- This seems like as good a time as any to discuss purchasing and sizing a bicycle. From sizing you new bike to test riding it.

A Summer Evening -- Head to Head Challenge -- And if you like hardtails, or can afford more than a MtB and you want one of them to be a hardtail, there are some frames avalaible that can be the base for your dream bike. We tested three of them that summer evening: Cannondale CAAD 5, KHS Alite 4000, and Specialized Stumpjumper M4.

Be Prepared -- This is the motto of the scouts and it should be the motto for cyclists.

2002 Now -- We have compiled a list of most of these new products that manufacturers worldwide are planning to market during 2002

Southern Californina Bike Show -- Total Bike was on hand for the 2001 Southern California consumer bike show

Taiwanese Gold and Silver National Awards of Excellence -- year, nine bicycle products were chosen at the 9th Annual Awards of Excellence

Supertype: Miche strikes again -- Miche has come a long way since they started building components back in 1936

Riding Your Bicycle to Work -- Here are 12 common excuses and 12 answers to those excuses why not to commute

The Evolution of Scooters -- Adult bicycle-scooter hybrids

Iditasport Winter Challenge -- Athletes set out on a challenge that will take them through some of the harshest terrain in the world

Vuelta a España -- One of the top three world cycling competitions

The Suspension Experience -- The revolution began in the early 1990's, where are things today?

The 200 Yellow Bikes of Joensuu -- 200 yellow bicycles put on the streets of Joensuu Finland in the 1980's have been spotted throughout the world

Downhill Through the Americas -- Chrystine Roy is currently on an amazing adventure that will take her and her mountain bike from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina across the three Americas

Drivers vs Cars -- Let's face it, cars are huge speeding masses of metal, while bikes are generally carbon fiber and fragile, not usually reaching normal driving speeds. The damage a car can do compared to the damage a bike can do is not even comparable.

Interbike 1999 -- Total Bike's first Interbike coverage. (We have come a long way!)

Jeff Lyon from Lyonsport -- An interview with Jeff a seasoned builer with an almost cult following

Backcountry First Aid -- A little knowledge can go a long way helping a hurt cyclist.

Doping in Cycling -- The drive to compete and win is as old as humankind. Athletes throughout history have sought foods and potions to increase their performance. Where should we draw the line?

Winter Blues -- Do you feel slowed down and have a hard time waking up in the morning? Are you having problems focusing at work or in your relationships? You may have the winter blues.

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven -- An interview with a very talented young professional trials rider that has his eye on the top.

Denali Electrical Cycles -- Interview with Ely Schless is the owner and founder of Denali Electric Cycles

Jim Kish from Kish Fabrications -- Interview with the custom crafter of titanium frames

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