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Southern Californina Bike Show
Total Bike was on hand for the 2001 Southern California consumer bike show. This years attendance was higher than previous years and the kids ride and the fun ride also increased. We will have more photos and details on the show soon.

One of the biggest attractions at the show was the indoor dirt test track. Over 800,000 of dirt were brought into the convention center and molded into the track.

The track had a brurm, stutter bumps, and a rocky section. Riders were allowed three laps on each bicycle.

Riders 14 and older were able to test bicycles from many manufactureres. Both highend mountain and BMX bicycles were available to test. Over 40 bicycles in all. The most popular bicycle included the Kona and Canondale Raven.


Top expert and sport class trials riders where on hand to stun the crowd with their excellent bike handling skills. The riders performed several times each day over the three days of the show. Crowds were quick to gather when the riders began.

LOOK had their new suspension fork in their booth. If you look closely the fork is a linkage type similar in theory to the Amp or Lawhill Leader. The travel felt smooth and week look forward to seeing these on the trail soon.

The fork is lightweight (1100g) and has 80mm travel. It is designed so the bicycle geometry remains the same
regardless of the position of the wheel, improving handling and braking. The double link and carbon fork give excellent torsional rigidity. Both compression and and rebound can be easily adjusted. Stiffness is adjusted by simply inflating the strut and, to reduce fatigue and increase comfort, there are elastomer blocks to dampen vibration. Suggested retail price is $975.

The Ibis SilkTi has machined titanium billet to for this trick chainstay. The shape and design allows the chainstay to flex. Matched with rear shock and they are able to achieve 1.75" of travel without any pivots.

Crank Brothers have been quietly developing these very cool four sided pedals. They use an internal spring to secure the clear and engage and disengage very smoothly. The open design will be very popular for those that ride in muddy conditions. Their cleat will mount in any SPD compatible shoe. Look for them in your favorite shop soon. We hope

Phat Cycles manufactures custom choppers and recreational cruisers. The Phat Linkage Chopper is build on a sweet chromoly frame and has a 7 speed Nexus hub, a custom Phat Linkage fork, the suspended Ultimate Phat saddle. If you like attention, this bike will attract it everywhere it goes.

SRAM was showing off their new 9.0 cassette that uses a composite body that reduces the weight. The drilled cogs are ramped to improve shifting. Trigger shifters will soon be in the stores very soon. Almost every year they have reduced the size of the grip on their twist shifter.

Bicycles with gasoline engines sound like a contradiction, but in Los Angeles they attracted some interest. Rotart from Taiwan is selling complete bicycles and retrofit kits that add a 30cc two-stroke engine to your bike.

Merlin makes some of the most beautiful bicycles in the world. The Merlin Newsboy is too cool. It has the look of a classic fat tire bicycle, but rest assured Merlin this is a race ready ride.

What has 6" tires, front and rear suspension, and can almost fit in your pocket? This bicycle actually is ridable and the suspension actually works. The little wheels make it necessary to pedal at a very high cadence. Is it for real? Yes and for a mere $100 you can and one to your bicycle collection.

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