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Keep Your Hands Up, He’s Hurtin -- Keen and excited for the season ahead? Nervous about your impending form? Worry not; I have the solution, the Philadelphia solution.

The Worm from Adam Tate.

Riding with the Tour -- Riding with the Tour

Of Dogs and Cyclists: The Difference Between Riders --

Alps Adventure -- Eight bikers boarded an airplane in Minneapolis on July 18 and landed in Zurich July 19th. They unpacked their bikes and traveled 9 days in a circular pattern, which included travel along the southern edge of Lake Constance, and through the northern part of the Alps.

Biking Adventure in Chile -- Snow crowned peaks, smoking volcanoes, araucaria trees, bamboo…

Ride Like the Winded! -- My initial attempt at cycling at the age of 55.

CANDISC 2001 -- Long climbs, awesome descents, sweeping curves, head winds, supportive, focused, tough riders. . .

The Expert's Guide to Avoiding Spills, Potholes, and Pitfalls -- After you read this, you will know exactly how to prevent yourself from falling off your bicycle, the edge of the earth, and your couch. Because that is precisely where you'll stay planted once you finish reading.

RAGBRAI -- Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa -- Journal of Ron's, Don's, and Louie's first RAGBRAI (Des Moines Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa).

What was your best day on a bike? -- I was asked this question many a time as I'm sure all you other cyclists have been too, "What was your best day on a bike?" This got me thinking about what makes a best day.

The Anonymous Rider -- I was the anonymous rider who spied and traveled where cars could not. I was secure on my bicycle pedaling through towns, passing people, some whom I knew but who did not recognize me, while others recognized me only as "the biker."

I love Racing -- I love to watch top class athletes push themselves to their limit, suffering in the pursuit of glory. I hate racing. I hate pushing myself to my limit, suffering in the vain pursuit of glory.

Its Gonna be a Bright Sunshiny Day -- Have you ever had one of those days or weeks that are lets say challenging? Maybe its from the change of the summer into winter, or maybe it has to do with work, or life, or a troubled relationship, or could be that you just turned another year old.

Bike-Bonding -- "Cyclist divorces his bicycle!" Wouldn't that be an interesting headline? It appeared in the back of a little circulated magazine not too long ago.

The Born Again Cyclist -- I am told that nothing is more irritating than a reformed smoker who expounds on the virtues of non-smoking. That's because you probably haven't met a born-again- cyclist. Typically the behavior is beyond Life is a Bike stance. The way they talk about biking, you think they invented the wheel.

Laws of Cycling -- What better opportunity than now to review the Laws of Bicycling. Dust off your helmet, pump up those tires and read this before you take to the road.

Adding More Thrills to Downhills -- Perhaps now is the time to really examine the entire concept of downhilling, and open our minds to even larger possibilities.

A Day in the Mountains -- Every cyclist has a "The best day ever" in their catalogue of cycling memories. The day may be chosen for views, people they've met, a special achievement or even overcoming adversity.

Out to Sea -- It was one of those unbelievable experiences that just the memory of can erase the frustrations sometimes encountered in life.

Seven -- I passed seven racers on one downhill. Seven in one pass! Yup, it's true. Just like the old fable tale where the little tailor killed seven flies with one blow, I passed seven riders on one hill.

Ode to Bikeman -- There's no easy way to put it - Jim Berkman is dead. Sudden and senseless. As in all deaths, his spirit will live in those who knew him.

In Search of Full Suspension -- So you want to buy a full suspension bike? Where do you start with all the possibilities? Right here!

24 Hours of Adrenalin -- I competed in the 24 Hours of Adrenalin in Vernon, British Columbia. My goals were simple. First I wanted to finish the race and second I wanted to do at least 100 miles.

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